1. Atlantic Wreck Fishing- Join Italo & his guest Capt. Frank Crescitelli as they show you how to locate and catch a variety of bottom fish over an Atlantic wreck.

2. Flats Spotted Sea Trout- Join Italo & his guest Mike Scarlett as they show you how to locate & catch Spotted Sea Trout on grass flats using jigs and body baits.

3. In-shore Barracuda & Mackerel - Join Italo as he shows you how to locate and Barrracuda & Mackerel fishing man-made in-shore reefs.

4. Snapper & Porgy -Join Italo & his guest Lek Durr as he shows you how to locate bottom fish and catch them using cut bait.

5. Structure Sheepshead- Join Italo as he uses fiddler crabs for Sheepshead along concrete abutments.

6. Sea Trout & Dolphins - Join Italo & his guest Amanda Lynn Mayhew as they enjoy catching sea trout and playing with Dolphins.

7. Near-shore Jigging- Join Italo as he fishes jigs on bottom and on the surface for a variety of saltwater fish.

8. Flats & off-shore Mackerel and Bonito- Join Italo & his guest Ross Scroble as they test IRT spinning reels of flats and off-shore fish.

 9. Amberjacks- Join Italo & his guest Tyler DeGraff as they locate and catch trophy Amberjacks and mackerel.

10. Saltwater Kayaking- Join Italo as he takes you saltwater Kayak fishing for a variety of shallow and open-water fish.

11. Pacific Salmon- Join Italo & his guest Benjamin Reubeni as they use downriggers to catch Pacific Chinook Salmon.

12. Off-shore Grouper and Snapper  - Join Italo as he fishes with Tyler DeGraff, Don & Nathan Cassavoy and Stewart Dickson to catch trophy Grouper and big snapper.

 13. Pacific Bottom Fishing - Join Italo & his guest Benjamin Reubeni as they use MFS Baits jigging spoons to catch a variety of Pacific bottom fish.


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